Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaning does the best job

It is always best to do regular cleaning sessions, even if your carpet does not have "stains" or "marks" that the eye can see. That is because lurking in the carpet fibers are bacteria, food crumbs (and tiny insects that feed on them) that can cause irritation, among other things -  and soil and dust particles that cause wear.

Carpet Cleaning Elizabeth's 'Green' cleaning methods and solutions will help your wall-to-wall carpet recapture its freshness and softness, while ensuring a safe, fume-free environment for you and your family.

The best carpet cleaning and maintenance comes from professional care. Our free cleaning demonstration in your home will show you exactly how easy and effective it is - so you see us in action before investing anything. After the free consultation, we will determine the best cleaning method for your carpet.

Our methods give an expert clean

Our professional techniques bring back the fresh look of your carpeting. Difficult stains such as coffee and ink can be eliminated with our powerful vacuums and organic cleaning products. Together they eradicate surface and hidden dirt, dust, allergens and germs.

We are committed to your family’s health - and as such will make sure only organic products will come into contact with your carpet. Meaning, your home will not be filled with chemicals or any irritating substances.

When cleaning is not enough, call us for all your carpet repair needs as well! Our expert technicians will assess your carpet damage and work out the best repair solutions with you. Safety should always be first when a carpet begins to alter - tear or buckle up.

We offer re-stretching services for those bumps and buckles, and repair of holes and tears.

Call Carpet Cleaning Elizabeth now to get a free estimate on carpet cleaning or repair in Elizabeth and NJ!

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