Upholstery Cleaning

Clean Means Longer Lasting

In order to retain its welcoming feel and beloved appearance your upholstered fabric requires professional care with proper equipment. And maintaining your furniture not only makes it look better, but helps preserve its lifespan and keep it comfortable year after year.

Even more to the point - a piece of upholstered furniture will have gathered into it allergens, crumbs, insects and mites and more tiny and invisible things that can cause a lot of irritation - and in the case of moths, eat away at the fabric of the piece.

So giving a sofa or armchair a deep clean once every 6 months is important.

Carefully Designing A Custom Procedure

Carpet Cleaning Elizabeth’s technicians take into account the condition and age, as well as the manufacturers recommendations to provide you with the most appropriate cleaning procedure. We have expert skill in handling all fibers, from manmade to natural, like leather and linen.

Leather upholstery can look new for far longer than you may have thought possible. Because of its distinctive qualities, leather must be regularly cleaned in a particular way. Our technicians can keep your leather furniture looking fabulous.

We use advanced, powerful equipment to make sure your pieces are cleaned inside and out. Heated natural cleaning solutions will get deep into the folds of your sofa, and wash out stains and dirt. Bedbugs, dust mites, fleas and other infestations are rinsed away, assisting in allergy control and countering mold and mildew.

Our reliance on natural cleaning solutions is our contribution to guarding the health of your family, pets, and the environment. We know that organic products are the best at making the fabric fresh and clean.

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