Ten Tips To Do At Home

For the Mattress 

  • Vacuuming the mattress helps to keep it clean by making sure there is less dust to cause it to stain if it gets wet.
  • Try using an upholstery cleaner made for surfaces that touch your skin (e.g. your couch), unless you are extremely sensitive to cleaners in general, it should be helpful. It will also remove dust mite infestations.
  • Use enzyme cleaners that will be effective in breaking down the 'structure' of the stains which helps to lessen them.

For the Bathroom

  • Clean up bathroom mirrors the easy way by putting club soda in a spray bottle. Spray liberally over the mirror and use a newspaper to wipe it away.
  • Tackling mold by mixing half a cup of white vinegar mixed with a cup of water sprayed on the mold.
  • Get sparkling bathroom surfaces with a mix of baking soda and borax  - it can tackle stains even in bathtubs. If you want a milder mixture, mix half a cup of baking soda with the same quantity of liquid soap. 

For the Kitchen

  • Clean the microwave by placing a microwave-safe cup a third full of water inside and run it on High for 2-3 minutes (the hot steam will be enough to soften all the grime) and wipe it down.
  • Clean cast-iron pans  - you should never use liquid soap on a cast-iron pan and never scrub it with anything abrasive. But if the pan will not rinse clean with water and a soft dishcloth, rub it with a few tablespoons of salt and a paper towel, and rinse. Then replenish the oil film by coating the inside surface with a dab of cooking oil.
  • Clean and deodorize a waste disposal unit by grinding ice cubes made with half vinegar, half water.

Everyday Cleaning

  • Mix water & vinegar {1:1 ratio} in a spray bottle for anything that needs a quick fix: counters, sinks and stove tops to name a few. 
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