Rug Cleaning

Enjoy your rug for longer

Rugs come in all sizes, shapes, colors and makes, exhibiting your taste, reflecting your personality and even honoring your family heritage.

Whether for warmth and comfort, sentimental value, or aesthetic enjoyment, you will want to keep your rugs in good shape for a long time. When rugs aren’t cleaned regularly, it means letting dirt and grime build up in the fibers - this can cause the threads to wear down, and even tear.

And if liquids have spilled and not been noticed, they could begin to rot through the foundations.

The experts at Carpet Cleaning Elizabeth know how to take a rug that has marks, stains and daily grime, mixed with invisible issues like mites, moth eggs and all kinds of particles and allergens hiding in it - and return it back to you cleaned, refreshed and with sparkling colors just like the first day in your home..

Worry and Hassle Free Rug Care

All aspects that determine the appropriate approach to your rug's care are taken into consideration, including its material, dye type, age, make, condition, and so on. Our process is designed so that all debris and particles are washed away. Then drying is handled uniquely in our temperature controlled room. We give a final grooming so your rug will be delivered back to you fresh and clean, looking like new.

Only organic products that remove dirt and germs, but are gentle on allergies are used in our methods, so you can be sure that no harsh chemicals linger in your home. We are committed to your family and pets’ health and safety - and to our environment.

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